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Deborah Hamner

Band Director

I am Mrs. Hamner, your Band Director. I retired from the Marine Corps Music Program in 2015. I also taught general music and Band at Bridges Preparatory School from 2015 – 2019. While in the Marine Corps, I performed at the Outback Bowl, Professional Football and Baseball Ceremonies, numerous parades around the world, to include Guam, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan to name a few. During that time, I also conducted the band while marching in the Graduation Ceremonies 42 Fridays every year for 6 years right here at Parris Island in front of thousands of people every week. During the three years of recruiting in the southeastern six states, I not only auditioned and approved all musicians interested in joining the Marine Corps Band Program, but also adjudicated Drum and Bugle Corps events as well. I began my music education at Michigan State University, but received my Bachelors in Liberal Arts from Thomas Edison State College, a Professional Music Certificate from Berklee College of Music, and my Teaching Certification through the PACE program.

Welcome to one of the best experiences in high school- the Band! Congratulations on being chosen to take part in an organization that will help shape you physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Silver Sound is a program designed to bring out the best in all who applies themselves and we are very excited to have you here. During the course of the year- from band camp through football games and competitions, parades and concert performances- you will work together with people who will become your best friends to craft a quality performance for the whole world to see. You will not only learn about music, but will develop physical and mental strength, create friendships that will last long after high school, and realize your full potential as a performer and young adult.

Experts in numerous fields have proven time and again the value of music in mental development. Test scores, critical thinking skills, and other academic pursuits are all improved by studying music. Band will develop your non-academic skills as well. Group dynamics, emotional maturity, leadership skills, and conceptual thinking are all a part of what we do in band. It’s hard to imagine why anyone would not want to be involved!

I am honored to be the director of the Silver Sound and look forward to guiding the band to new heights this semester. I am extremely excited to continue to grow the standard of excellence the Silver Sound has been known for.

Lastly, let me congratulate you again on taking this first step towards bringing out the best in yourself. I am confident that if you work hard, listen well, and think often, band will be one of the best experiences of your life! I am committed to making this band, and every single member of it, the best they can be. I am honored to be your band director and I am looking forward to a great year!

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