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September 25th

Good evening!

Another great week with the Band! The students have been quickly learning their music they we just started on Tuesday. I think we will have time even the first game to play all 3 songs at the pre-game. I am really excited for them! It will only get better from here! 

Again, please get involved with Amazon Smiles and Kroger Rewards if you have not already! We still have 13 boxes of chocolate to sell, and we will soon be selling coffee as well. Now is the time to get ahead of the game for next years’ marching season as far as fundraisers are concerned!

On Monday, the board will be voting on a new President and Vice President! We are still looking for those motivated parents who want to step up and help with the band. No need to be “Band Parent Experts” at this time! We are all here to learn and move forward together. The only requirement is to have the desire and a little bit of time to become a closer part of the band family!

October 2nd (our first game) is Seniors Night! All of our Seniors will be recognized with a banner and be announced at half time. If you are a senior, make sure you fill out the form that emailed to you through Charms. I only have 2 of the 11 returned, and they must be returned by Tuesday at the latest!

I believe the volunteer spots are all taken for the 3 home games. To the rest of the Band parents who want to come out to the game, you will have first dibs on purchasing these tickets. A code will be available to sign up at midnight on Monday for all participants immediate family members (parents) and will only be available for 24 hours. These tickets are supposed to be for parents only. On Tuesday, tickets will be offered to the students. On Wednesday, they will become available to anyone. There are only 650 tickets available to the home team side for each game, so you will have to jump on them right away. More information may be found on the school website under athletics.


Monday Sep 28 – Band Boosters Board votes on new President and Vice President

Tuesday – Sep 29 -6 – 8 – Band / Color Guard Practice at football field (still meet in Band room)

Band, we will be practicing with shakos (will be handed out on Tuesday) and black marching shoes. If you don’t have marching shoes yet, wear the closest thing that you own. They should be coming in next week. Have flip-folders set up with all of your music in it PRIOR TO REHEARSAL so we don’t have to bring stands to the field to practice. We only have this one rehearsal for practice on the field so we have to make it count!

Thursday – October 1st – Leadership meeting 5:30

               6 – 8 – Band / Color Guard Practice – Come prepared.

Friday – October 2nd – Football game against Bluffton High School.


              5:00 – CALL TIME

              6:00 – Inspection in ½ uniform in Band Room

              6:15 – Walk to stadium in ½ uniform

              6:30 – Warm-up

              7:00 – Line up for Preshow

              7:08 – Enter field 

              7:10 – Perform Preshow

              7:18 – National Anthem from field

              7:20 – Form tunnel

              7:25 – Team entrance

              7:30 – Game Starts

              Halftime – Band stays in stands for Senior Recognition

              9:00 – Depart game

              9:10 – Equipment and uniforms may be stored in the Band room.

Monday – October 5th – Face to face school begins for those who choose.

Tuesday – October 6th – 6 -8 – Band / Color Guard Practice

Thursday – October 8th – 5:30 – Leadership meeting at Band Room

              6 – 8 – Band / Color Guard Practice

Friday – October 9th – Beaufort High School Football Game – call time 5PM. We will be playing at half time for this game.

If you have any questions, as always, please don’t hesitate to ask.


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