As you are probably aware, we are expecting inclement weather in the coming hours here in the Lowcountry. As of 5pm on Friday, 11/30 the forecast for Bluffton on Saturday morning calls for over a 90% chance for rain:
The considerations are these – the parade is a go from the town’s perspective – rain or shine. The May River HS band would like to keep the tradition of performing in the Bluffton Christmas Parade annually. However, as loco parentis we have to assure the safety and health of our members as well as the protection of personal and school-owned instruments and equipment.

At this point, we have determined that IF we march, we WILL NOT wear uniforms. We would wear JEANS, and Band Polo or matching polo. Layering underneath and over the polo is permitted. Marching shoes. PARKA / PONCHO. All performers will receive a blue Santa HAT! Color Guard – JEANS, Guard shirt, Guard Jacket, PARKA / PONCHO, shoes as defined by captains.

We will make another assessment at 10:00pm and let everyone know the next course of action.

Thank you for your patience!!!!

Mr. C


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