Wed. Sched. vol. 10/17/18

Greetings May River Band Family,

Well, it is finally here!  Lowerstate Contest is upon us, this Saturday at Kellytown Stadium in Hartsville, SC!  The kids are working hard the show is shaping up.  We will be at our best on Saturday in effort to extend our season one more week!  See the EVENT SHEET and detailed scheduled below.

Thank you to everyone that made our participation in the Coastal Empire Classic possible.  Were not the props great?!?  Thank you to everyone responsible, but especially to Tim and Melissa Lemon for spearheading the project!


So far we have raised close to $12,000 in 2 weeks!!!!!!  There are 2 more weeks left in the drive.  Almost 84% of the students that created a profile are being counted towards the total group’s overall participation, meaning that we surpassed the required 70% participation for the highest percent return on the donations!  To count towards the group’s participation, a student must have at least one supporter that has donated $10.  We thank everyone that has been promoting this program with the emails, and social media.  Two more weeks left – let’s push to the end!!!!


The Florida trip is still on as planned.  More information regarding room assignments and bus seating will be discussed and shared after the conclusion of the marching band competition season.  It is not too late to register.

We currently have 32 participants registered for the Florida trip.  With staff, 35.  The current cost for trip now is:

Quint/student – $788, Quad – $808, Triple – $843, Twin – $912, Single – $1120.

The hope was to reach closer to 50 participants to reach the $674 price quoted.  If you have not registered for the trip and plan on attending as a student or chaperone (we need 3 more), please do so IMMEDIATELY.




“SENIOR NIGHT” FOOTBALL GAME – Friday, October 19th, 2018

This Friday is Senior Night recognition Football game.  The band will perform during Pre-Game at exactly 7:10pm.  The band plans on leaving the football game after the Senior Recognition during halftime.  We are planning on wearing uniforms.  Students must have their shoes, black calf-high socks (winds and percussion), gloves (winds).  Color guard follow protocol established by Ms. Lemon.  Students may wear any appropriate t-shirt under the uniform for this Friday’s performance, in order to keep our new uniform t’s clean.

Friday’s Plan:

1:15 – 4:30pm Rehearsal (stadium?)

4:30pm  Dismissal / Pre-game meal in cafeteria

5:30pm – Inspection in 1/2 Uniform in the auditorium.

5:45pm – Walk to stadium in 1/2 uniform

6:00pm – Show warm-up routine (same as contest)

7:00pm – Line up for Preshow

7:06pm – Enter field for 4 minute set-up time

7:10pm – Perform Preshow

7:16:34pm – End Show

7:18pm – National Anthem from field

7:20pm – Form tunnel

7:25pm – Team entrance

7:30pm – Game start

Halftime – Band stays in stands for Senior Recognition

9:00pm – Depart game

9:10pm – Stow uniforms and line-up instruments (truck remains loaded from post show)

9:30pm – Estimated dismissal time (for texts regarding dismissal time, please text @mayriverhs to 81010).

Please go home and get your rest.  You will need to be at your best for the band early in the morning.


Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Event:  SCBDA Lowerstate Contest (State Class 3A Championships qualifier)

Performance Time:  3pm

Location:  Hartsville, SC

Stadium:  Kellytown Stadium

Address:  216 Clyde Rd, Hartsville, SC 29550


Estimated Travel Time:  3 hours

Method:  Charter Buses (Rivers Transportation)

Provided Meals (3): Breakfast (before departure), Lunch (on bus), Dinner (after Awards offsite – Shoneys)

Self Meal Provisions (if any): Snacks and drinks for bus ride.  Drinks must have a twist top.  Coolers are subject to inspection by chaperones.  Concessions after performance and before Awards

Other events or locations during trip:  Dinner at Shoneys (paid for by band)

What to bring:  Uniform items (below), summer uniform shorts and hat, cooler

Optional bring:  Jacket (school colors please), money for concessions

Uniform:  Performance – Full contest uniform, including black marching shoes, calf-high black socks, bib pants, uniform jacket, left gauntlet (winds), shako and box (winds), black performance tee shirt, color guard uniform and accessories as defined (guard).  Awards – We will be changing out of full uniform into performance tee, summer uniform shorts and hat, jacket is voluntary (school colors please), and street shoes for the Awards presentation.

Tentative Itinerary:

5:45am Report time / Attendance taken / Calls made

5:55am Departure meeting / Load buses

6:15am Depart for Walterboro

7:45am Arrive at Walterboro / Unload / Stretch

8:00am Begin Focus Rehearsal

9:45am End Focus Rehearsal / Eat breakfast / Grab lunch for bus / Grab uniform bag from racks

10:05am Load buses

10:15am Depart for Hartsville

12:00om Dress in 1/2 uniform

12:45pm Arrive at Hartsville / Check-in / Restrooms

1:45pm Warm-up time / Area C

2:40pm Pre-stage time

2:50pm Band Stage time

2:56pm Set-up

3:00pm Performance time

3:15pm Post performance meeting and logistics

3:20pm Head to buses / load truck

3:30pm Change into performance tees, khaki shorts, hats and street shoes / jackets or ponchos if needed

3:45pm Head into stadium as a unit

4:00pm Sit in block in stadium / Watch North Myrtle Beach performance

4:15pm Students can visit concessions (at least two person groups)

4:30pm Truck departs for MRHS (TBD)

4:45pm Back seated in designated block

5:00pm Awards Presentation

5:30pm Head to buses

6:00pm Dinner at Shoneys

7:30pm Estimated departure for MRHS

8:00pm Estimated truck arrival time at MRHS (considering meeting us for unloading)

10:30pm Estimated arrival at MRHS / Unload / Dismissal meeting

11:00pm Estimated dismissal time

We look forward to ending the competition season on a high note!  We hope you can join us this Saturday in mass!!!!!!

Have a fantastic remainder to your week.

Best Regards,

Mr. C

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