Wed. Sched. vol. 10.10.18

Hello May River Band Family,

Well…here we go again. 😦  First and foremost, be safe, as we keep our friends in the path of Michael in our thoughts and prayers.

It’s without saying that the weather will determine our plans over the next few days.  With that said, the following plan is what we hope to do.  Of course, this is all tentative as events will be confirmed on the BAND app, as well as here on the band website when a clearer picture comes in focus with the passing hours.  If there is one relief with this storm, it is that is moving rapidly and should be clear of our area must faster than Florence.

Thursday, October 11th – School CANCELLED.  NO BAND EVENTS.  BE SAFE!!!!

Friday, October 12th – weather and school closures permitting – Home FB Game vs. Beaufort HS

4:00 – 5:30pm . Focus rehearsal

6:15pm . Inspection

7:18pm . Band plays national anthem

7:30pm  Game start

8:45pm . HALFTIME PERFORMANCE – Full show w/props

10:30pm . Game ends

11:00pm .  Dismissal

Saturday, October 13th – weather permitting – BAND COMPETITION – COASTAL EMPIRE CLASSIC, performance time – 5pm / Effingham County High School – Rebel Stadium


Directors Packet 2018


8am – Noon . Full Marching Band Rehearsal – Don’t wear your uniform tee.  Bring cooler.

Noon – 1:20pm . Load / Eat / Dress

1:20pm . INSPECTION – Half Uniform w/ Black uniform t-shirt under / Jacket in bag w/ hanger / Cooler / Shako and Box / Marching Shoes / Gloves (winds) / Black calf-high socks / Color Guard inspection per instructions from Ms. Lemon

1:45pm . Load Buses

2:00pm . Depart for Effingham County HS

3:00pm . Arrive at Effingham County HS Rebel Stadium / Dry snacks and water avaialble

4:00pm . Show Flow:

May River HS / Class AAA / Warm-up 4:00-4:45 / Area B / Staging 4:55 / Performance 5:00


5:30pm . Depart for May River HS – We are not staying for the awards ceremony.  We want to respect the fact that the original plan was to rehearse this day with everyone having their evening free.

6:30pm . Arrive at May River HS / Unload

6:45pm . Estimated dismissal time

Stay tuned over the next couple days on the BAND app for updates.  If you need an invitation to the BAND app, please email Mr. Carbone at



We are just flabbergasted at how well our SNAP-RAISE! fundraising campaign is taking off.  In the first week of the campaign, we have raised close to $9500!!!!  There are 3 weeks left!!!!  Over 74% of the band has participated, and has received at least one support donation of $10 or more!  We have met the minimum participation to receive that maximum return!!!  Thank you for your participation!


That is all I have for now.  I will do my best to keep everyone informed in the coming days.  I will be using three platforms – BAND app, the Band Blog on the band website and Remind text messaging.  To sign up for my remind, text @mayriverhs to 81010.


Thank you for your continued support.



David G. Carbone





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