Wed. Sched. vol. 10.2.18

Greetings Band Family,

On behalf of the band kids and myself – thank you to all of you that assisted in the band’s travel, preparation, support and supervision at the Lowcountry Invitational!  It was  great see so many parents come out and volunteer, as well as the many parents in the stands cheering for the band’s performance.  It was a historic finish for the Silver Sound, and we look forward to creating more history as the band concludes it’s competitive season over the next few weeks.  Thanks again!


Yes, Snap Raise! is back!!  We will be OFFICIALLY kicking off our “QUEST for STATE” campaign TOMORROW, October 3rd.  We will be registering individual accounts during class, so students need their devices and their 20 emails for class tomorrow.  If a student is registering on a school device, it is recommended that the email addresses be in an electronic format that can be copy and pasted, such as an excel spreadsheet.  Students can use personal devices as well.  In those instances, students should have the 20 emails on a notepad file, or something similar.

After our large group photo after school, we will be recording our campaign video, with the entire band in uniform!

With the results of the Mattress Fundraiser, this fundraiser hopefully serve as a boost!  Have over $100K in needs / wish list items, not including large ticket items such as a semi-trailer.  Our largest ticket item is a sound system, complete with sound board, cart, , mic snake, speakers and sub-woofers, all for the low price of $10,000.  Our efforts with this fundraiser will assist in providing for the show props, drill, and music which has yet to be paid for.  Remember, we need 100% participation.  In order to be a “participant” that counts towards our fundraising goal, a student only needs one donation for $10 or more.  Simple!


The band will be taking photos in stadium tomorrow after school.  Students must remember to bring uniform accessories for this photo session, including shoes and socks.  Gloves are not necessary.  After the large group and section photos, students may opt to take individual photos.  Here is the photo packet:

Band Group Photos


The band has been granted administrative approval to stay home and make up rehearsal time missed due to Florence, and in preparation for our upcoming events.  This week the band is adding over a minute and 1/2 of show, completing the program.  Students are invited and encouraged to attend the game as spectators and as part of the overall student body if they wish!

Rehearsal will begin at 4pm and conclude at 6pm.


As previously mentioned, we were looking to find a competition to make-up for the contest we lost in Edisto, and to provide an opportunity to receive feedback prior to Lowerstate.  We have found a nearby contest at Effingham County HS, a long standing tradition called the Coastal Empire Classic.  We are currently registered in Class 4A, and will perform in the afternoon on Saturday, October 13th.

In the event that the band is not prepared to attend this contest by next Tuesday, October 10th, a determination will be made and the band will rehearse as originally intended, from 8/9am until 4:30pm.


Thank you for reading this week’s Wed. Sched.

For more information or clarification, please contact Mr. Carbone via email or BAND.

Best Regards,


Mr. C


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