Wed. Sched. vol.9.26.18

Greetings Band Family,

Thank you to all of you that assisted in promoting and running last Saturday’s Mattress Sale!  We sold 20 mattresses.  In comparison, we sold 22 last year.  With the significant increase in membership this year, we had hoped for a larger yield.  However, given the short amount of preparation due to the storm, we are happy with the results.  The amount raised will come in significantly less than originally budgeted.  With the addition of Snap Raise! to our line of fundraising efforts this fall season, we are hopeful that we can make up any funds lost.  We hope to continue this annual fundraiser next September!


Yes, Snap Raise! is back!!  We will be OFFICIALLY kicking off our “QUEST for STATE” campaign on October 3rd, the same day as our band photo day.  We will be registering individual accounts during class next Wednesday, October 3rd.  After our large group photo after school, we will be recording our campaign video, with the entire band in uniform!  So, it is time to locate the list of 20 emails that you compiled back in July!  With the results of the Mattress Fundraiser, this fundraiser hopefully serve as a boost!  Have over $100K in needs / wish list items, not including large ticket items such as a semi-trailer.  Our largest ticket item is a sound system, complete with sound board, cart, , mic snake, speakers and sub-woofers, all for the low price of $10,000.  Our efforts with this fundraiser will assist in providing for the show props, drill, and music which has yet to be paid for.  Remember, we need 100% participation.  In order to be a “participant” that counts towards our fundraising goal, a student only needs one donation for $10 or more.  Simple!


We will be showcasing Act II of our program “Valkyrie” for the very first time this week.  Also, we have made several additions and changes to the show.  Keeping our fingers crossed, we will be uniform.  We still have several students that need fitting, and we need parental assistance.


We are in desperate need of parent volunteers to help fit the last group of students.  If we are not successful in doing so, the band may have to resort to wearing summer uniforms for the homecoming game and LCI.  We can blame Florence, however, we are so close and we need help.  Please respond to the Uniform Fitting chat room on the BAND app.  Thank you.


We currently have 32 participants registered for the Florida trip.  With staff, 35.  The current cost for trip now is:

Quint/student – $788, Quad – $808, Triple – $843, Twin – $912, Single – $1120.

The hope was to reach closer to 50 participants to reach the $674 price quoted.  If you have not registered for the trip and plan on attending as a student or chaperone (we need 3 more), please do so IMMEDIATELY.




HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME – Friday, September 28th 

This Friday is the Homecoming Football game.  The band will perform during Pre-Game at exactly 7:10pm.  The band plans on breaking during the half, and departing at the beginning of the 4th quarter due to Saturday’s competition.  We are planning on wearing uniforms.  Students must have their shoes, black calf-high socks (winds and percussion), gloves (winds).  Color guard follow protocol established by Ms. Lemon.  Students may wear any appropriate t-shirt under the uniform for this Friday’s performance, in order to keep our new uniform t’s clean (will be distributed after dismissal Friday night).

Friday’s Plan:

4:00 – 5:15pm   Focus Run thru

5:15pm  Dismiss

5:30pm – Attend the school’s tailgate in the student parking lot!  “There will be free food (hot dogs and hamburgers), as well as drinks until supplies last.  This is a tailgate for the entire community, so please pass the word to friends and family.” – via Mr. Macy, MRHS AD.  If you do not wish to partake in the tailgate you will need to bring your own food if you wish to eat before halftime.  Be advised, no meal will be provided by the boosters Friday.

6:15pm – Inspection in Full Uniform (tentative), in the auditorium.

6:30pm – Walk to stadium

6:45pm – Re-warmup

7:00pm – Line up for Preshow

7:10pm – Perform Preshow

7:18pm – National Anthem from field

7:20pm – Form tunnel

7:25pm – Team entrance

7:30pm – Game start

Halftime – Band break

Depending on score, plan is to depart game at the beginning of the 4th quarter.

10:30pm – Estimated dismissal time (for texts regarding dismissal time, please text @mayriverhs to 81010).

Please go home and get your rest.  You will need to be at your best for the band early in the morning.

LOW COUNTRY INVITATIONAL (LCI) – Saturday, September 29th

This Saturday is the Low Country Invitational (LCI) hosted by Wando High School.  Wando High School is a nationally recognized band program, and the contest brings in some of the best judges and music educators in the country to provide feedback.  The band performs at 3pm.  The show is being held at Wando High School, NOT CHARLESTION SOUTHERN like last year.  The boosters will provide “2nd breakfast” after rehearsal.  Students are expected to eat before for they arrive in the morning.  Students will need to bring a packed lunch / snacks for the ride up and back.  Students will need to bring their COOLERS for the contest as well as rehearsal in the AM.  Boosters will provide bottles of water and snack items only for the bus trips.  Students will need money for concessions and / or souvenirs.  Please read the information packet below for specifics about the show, maps, concessions, ticket prices, etc.

Here is the information regarding the show:

2018 LCI Final Packet Information

2018 LCI Band Performance Schedule FINAL v3

2018 LCI Map FINAL v5

Here is the plan:


Rehearsal – Wear normal rehearsal attire, except we will wear our marching shoes.  Bring your shako! Bring your cooler!  Bring your device!  Bring your summer uni hat!  PLEAE MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON YOUR COOLER!!!

Inspection – wear uniform tee (provided Friday), khaki shorts, summer uniform hat, and marching shoes.  We will be changing back into these items after the show to be uniform in the stands as spectators at the contest and for awards.

For the stands after our performance – we will wear uniform tee, khakis, summer uni hat, and you can change into street shoes instead of wearing your marching shoes.


6:00am  Band Report time

6:10am  Stretch begins on field

6:25am  Visual fundamentals

6:40am  Music Warm-up

7:05am  Segments and Run thrus

7:50am  Rehearsal Ends / Pack truck / Eat 2nd breakfast / Prepare for inspection

8:30am  Truck(s) depart

8:50am  Inspection

9:05am Load Buses

9:15am  Buses Depart for Wando High School / Eat your sack lunch on the bus on the way up to Wando High School

11:30am  Trucks arrive at show

12:15pm  Arrive and Check in at show

1:00pm  Begin the “show flow” – May River High School:  1:00-1:30 Dress;  1:45-2:45 Warm-up (A /G1); Pit staging time 2:45; Band Staging time 2:50


3:15pm  Head to buses to change

3:30pm  Change into uniform tees, khaki shorts, summer uni hats, and street shoes.

3:50pm  Head back into stadium

4:00pm  Eat concessions

4:45pm  Watch competition at determined location in the stands.

5:30pm  May leave stands between bands to visit booths and concessions / Drum Majors, 1 Guard rep, and 1 perc rep get dressed for retreat

6:00pm Everyone back in our “zone”

6:15pm  Host Band performance – Wando High School.

7:00pm  Awards

7:30pm  Head to the buses after awards

8:00pm  Depart for MRHS

10:30pm Expected arrival / Bus inspection

10:50pm  Estimated dismissal after uniform turn-in / inspection and announcements

We hope you are able to come to the contest Saturday.  We need our horde of Blue, Silver, and Black screaming for the May River HS Silver Sound!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

Mr. C







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