Schedules, House Bill S.302 and PE Credit for Marching Band

The counselors have done a fantastic job scheduling students in the correct band sections for the beginning of the school year.  It is a monumental task.  The band master schedule for semester one is as follows:

Block 1 – All 9th grade brass and woodwinds

Block 2 – All percussion and colorguard

Block 3 – All 10th-12th brass and woodwinds

The same blocks correlate for 2nd semester, however, students audition throughout the course of the fall semester to determine 2nd semester band placement.  Block 3 semester 2 is Wind Ensemble, or the top band.  Block 2 semester 2 are percussion ensemble and winter guard classes.  Block 1 semester 2 is concert band, or 2nd band.

Many of our band freshmen have been questioning their schedules and the inclusion of PE as one of the classes they are scheduled for this year.  I was recently notified that house bill S.302 which passed both houses of the SC legislature requires a lengthy application process on the part of school districts, referred to as an Innovative Course Application (ICA) in order for the State Department of Education to accept the implementation of the bill at the local level.  In other words, school districts are being required to submit a detailed dossier on how marching band will cover the necessary PE requirements including Health and CPR.  We have been notified that because of the timing of the ICA, Beaufort County Schools is unable to implement the credit this school year.  I have surveyed over 30 band directors across the state, and a large majority of them are in the same situation.  Only a small handful have found solutions.  We will be reaching out to those districts to see if we can use their plan as a model to ensure that all of the “cogs” are in place to implement this opportunity for the 2019-2020 school year.  In the meantime, the head guidance counselor has notified me that it is up to each student and family to determine if they want to keep PE on their schedule, or belay taking the PE class in the hope that the PE credit will be implemented next year and the subsequent years.  However, she stressed that available electives are becoming fewer and fewer.  Contact your counselor for more details.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will keep you advised and updated as the school year unfolds.


Mr. Carbone


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