We’re back at it! Lengthy Update. Please Read!


Thank you everyone that attended our first Band Registration Day.  By my accounts, the event was a success and there were no unexpected absences!  Thank you to all of our parent and student volunteers that gave hours of their time on Saturday to make the event run as smoothly as possible.  We will continue to hone our process to make registration as efficient and convenient as possible in the future.  All families that have paid the early bird band fee should have received an updated financial statement emailed to them.  This email was generated by Charms.  If for some reason you have paid and have not received an email, please contact Mr. Carbone via email.  The early bird payment deadline is August 1st.  After that date, the payment will no longer show on the district’s online payment system.


Tomorrow marks the beginning of our final “full” week of Band Camp!  Our goals remain the same – basics, basics, basics!  We have a VERY YOUNG band this year.  That is a good thing!!!! However, it means that we are taking our time to make sure that our “80 new feet” learn how to march so that the remainder of the summer and season can be a productive one.  80 new feet?  Yes.  That is correct!  Our band size is starting to settle now and stands at just over 70 members total.  Of that total, 40 are freshman and/or EIGHTH GRADERS!  We have one eighth grade wind player, and 3 eighth grade color guard members (most are brothers/sisters of current high school band members).  Add our sophomore class of 19, and you begin to see how young we are.  Our 8 Juniors and 4 Seniors are outnumbered!

As the week progresses, I anticipate that we will be learning drill by Thursday.


Last week we had a handful of students that had issues with the heat.  A common theme among some of them was lack of hydration during times off the field, and not eating breakfast before coming in the morning.  Please refer to the Summer Survival Guide in the Forms and Docs section, and read the articles that our parents have posted on the May River Band Parent Association facebook page for great suggestions to prepare for the week.  We will be outside for the the majority if not all of the morning rehearsal blocks.  If students miss rehearsal when we are installing drill, it becomes a difficult catch-up process for those students and slows down the overall process for the entire group.


We have had several absences during MANDATORY Band Camp days.  Family vacations during MANDATORY Band Camp dates do not fall under excused absences.  You can find the Band Handbook and the Attendance and Eligibility Guidelines  in the Forms and Docs section of this website.  For your convenience, next summer’s band camp is tentatively scheduled, and is outlined on the official May River Band Calendar.  The dates are the corresponding dates to this summer’s band camp schedule.  The dates are tentative until Feb. 1st, but PLEASE take them under advisement before scheduling your vacations next summer.


Beginning this fall, we will be initiating a new attendance policy.  TIME for TIME.  Students that miss rehearsal for any reason will be required to make up the missed rehearsal time individually in order to maintain “starting and travel” status with the band.  Most band rehearsals range from 2 to to 3 hours in length.  Time can be made up by many different means, but all make-up must be first approved by the director.

The reason for these adjustments in policy is to again stress the importance of rehearsals.  An individual’s absence doesn’t just negatively affect that student.  A student’s absence affects every student that depends on that student to dress a form, every student that depends on that student for the band to have good sectional balance and good overall band balance.  And every student is affected when we have to slow the process to reteach students have missed time previously.

FOOTBALL GAME on August 17th, 2018

The HOME varsity football game scheduled for Friday, August 17th has been added to the band calendar.

FRESHMAN ORIENTATION – Tuesday, August 7th

Due to the percentage of the band that are Freshman, morning Band Camp rehearsal on Tuesday, August 7th is CANCELLED, so that our freshman band members may attend the school’s freshman orientation.  The band hall will be open and supervised from 9am through lunch for any students that must be dropped off in the morning in order to make the afternoon rehearsal slated for 1pm.


We will be kicking off our Snap Raise program in the coming days.  Please have your 20 emails prepared and ready to be uploaded when asked!  Stay tuned…


This year, students will be using their personal devices and an application called Ultimate Drill Book.  The Band Department has purchased every student access to this app.  Sign-up information will be available in the coming days.  In the meantime, students should familiarize themselves with how the app is used –


Thank you for reading.


Have a fantastic Week!


Mr. C

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