Camp / Registration Day Updates

Greetings Band Family!

We had a fantastic opening week of Full Band Camp!  Students progressed very well in learning marching and music techniques to help prepare us for learning drill, and for the fall season!

In these next four days, it is important for the students to recharge, recover, and replenish.  We continue to stress the need for them to hydrate at home, even if they are not thirsty.  Today was the first day that the wind players spent the entirety of the morning rehearsal outside.  Each day we incrementally worked towards being able to sustain ourselves for that duration.  Day 1 – 60 minutes, Day 2 – 90 minutes, yesterday – 2 hours, and today for approximately 3 hours.  The weather was very cooperative as well, not breaking 90 for the most part.  Understand, we are very serious about the safety of the kids and have continued to stress the need to eat breakfast in the morning before they arrive at camp (no dairy!!!).  However, we have had instances where some students have not eaten, and therefore have not fared as well as their peers.  Also, if a student does not have a water cooler (a 12 oz. Dasani does not count), they are not permitted to work out with the group.  Our volunteer parents have been fantastic in being there for the kids in need.  Our goal next week, however, is for everyone to be acclimated and prepared to spend the AM times outside.  Please encourage your student to spend time outdoors over the next four days, so that next Tuesday is not a shock to system.  We will be spending our full mornings outside next week (weather permitting) in anticipation of learning drill!

BAND REGISTRATION is THIS SATURDAY, 7/28.  Everyone by this point should be well aware of this event.  Every student and at least one parent or guardian must be in attendance during their assigned time.  The Registration Day information packet can be found on the Forms and Docs page.  In order to save yourself at least 30 minutes, please make sure that you have completed all of the attached paperwork included in the packet.  Also, the online payment system has been available for the payment of the “early bird” band fee of $200.  After August 1st, the fee goes up to $250.  Again, all of the fee information and link to the online payment system is located in the registration day packet on the Forms and Docs page (apologize for the lack of hyperlinks. Charms does not allow hyperlinks in it’s group email function anymore).

TRIP UPDATE.  We now have TWO TRIP OPTIONS.  In response to some requests to lower the price of the trip, we have come up with a second option.  Both options are posted in detail on the Forms and Docs page.

OPTION 1 – Original Itinerary includes:

Dec. 28th – Dec. 31st

Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure

Citrus Bowl Parade (TBD – depends on participation)

Universal Citywalk

Blue Man Group

Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios or Epcot

Return on 12/31 (after midnight most likely – Happy New Year!)

$1200 (based on 70 participants, which includes students and adults.  Price decreases as the participation increases)

OPTION 2 – includes:

Dec. 28th – Dec. 30th

Universal Studios / Islands of Adventure

Citrus Bowl Parade (TBD – depends on participation)

Universal Citywalk

Blue Man Group

Universal Day 2

Return on 12/30 (after midnight most likely – Happy New Year!)

$900 (based on 70 participants, which includes students and adults.  Price decreases as the participation increases.  Price for adults may be more due to less people per room.)

At registration day, please be prepared to answer –  1) If your student will be attending, 2) If a parent will be attending as a chaperone, 3) Which trip option you would attend – one or both.  Once the trip has been confirmed as VIABLE; meaning we have enough participation for a reasonable rate, and instrumentation for a quality performance, we will send out the instructions on how to register for the trip.  Participants will register and pay the trip installments directly to the travel agency via credit card online.

SNAP! RAISE UPDATE.  We will be delaying the launch of the band department’s Snap! Raise campaign until next week.  Please bring with you the handout that was distributed to the students on Tuesday which includes the Snap 20 email worksheet.  You can also find a copy on the Forms and Docs page.  The most frequently asked question / concern is regarding SPAM emails.  Again, to STRESS this point and to alleviate any concerns – Snap! does not send spam emails, nor does it sell info to third parties.  Recipients / potential sponsors will receive, at the maximum, 3 emails.  One at the beginning of the campaign, one at the middle of the campaign (if they did not respond to the first email), and one at the very end signifying the last chance for sponsors to donate.  Recipients can unsubscribe after the first email if they so choose, and they will not receive the follow up emails.  If a recipient sponsors your student, they will receive a thank you email / receipt for tax records and will not be contacted again.  Sponsors are acknowledged on our campaign page.  Again, to be absolutely transparent – every student is expected to participate in this campaign in order to be in good standing.  Participation requires creating a profile that only your “recipients” will be able to see, and to upload the 20 emails.  After that, the student is considered a full participant if they receive a single donation of at least $10.  Simple!!!!!!!  The band will earn the highest returns only if every student participates.  This is the band departments ONLY scheduled fundraiser for the year.  This not a booster event.

CAR WASH.  Our first band booster fundraiser is our Annual Car Wash, set for Saturday, August 4th.  Students were distributed 10 numbered tickets.  Please send a check for $100, or bring a check with you on Saturday to cover this mandatory fundraiser.  We are in need of students that are available to sell Car Wash tickets at Steinmart this Saturday.  If you are able to help us out, please email Nancy Davis – Slots to work the Car Wash on August 4th will be available at Band Registration Day at the band booster table.

FINANCIAL STATEMENT.  Many of you have taken advantage of the early bird fee rate and have paid online via the district online payment system.  It is my goal to update all financial statements and email the updated versions TOMORROW.  Please bring this statement with you.  If you do not receive a statement tomorrow, please email Mr. Carbone at  This means that your email on file is incorrect, or Charms is having issues delivering to your email server. Remember,  the early bird fee opportunity ends on August 1st.

Thank you for reading this update.  Have a great next few days!

Kind Regards,

Mr. C




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