Band Camp / Registration Day Updates and Checklist


Hope everyone is excited and ramped up to begin our Summer Band Camps!

Next Week – Week #1 – Percussion and Color Guard (AM/PM); Winds (Brass and Woodwinds)- PM.

Next week, camp kicks off with Percussion and Color Guard from 9am-4:30pm, and the Winds (Brass and Woodwinds) from 5:30-9pm.  Please note that Percussion and Color Guard are finished at 4:30pm and are not required to attend the evening sessions with the Winds.

Week #2 – FULL BAND (AM/PM) – July 23rd – July 26th, 9-12:30; 1-4:30pm

Full Band Camp begins a week from Monday on July 23rd.  This is the time when the band will begin going outside for morning sessions.  It is important to take the necessary measures to be prepared in order to ensure a safe, and productive band camp.  Please read and re-read the following Summer Marching Band Camp Survival Guide here – Summer Band Camp Survival Guide

BAND REGISTRATION DAY (Mandatory) – Saturday, July 28th

On Saturday, July 28th we will be hosting Band Registration Day from 9am to 5pm.  Every student must go through registration day with at least one parent or guardian.  This is mandatory protocol, and no student will be permitted to perform with the band until this process is completed.  Here is the tentative schedule for registration day by class and last name listed below.  Please arrive during your time, at the beginning of the time interval.  There are 6 “stations” which you need to stop and get signed-off:

  1. Paperwork (available online via website front page on Wednesday, July 18th).  Complete and return the packet.
  2. CHARMS Database.  Parents will update Charms Database information with student leadership guide.
  3. FINANCIALS w/ Mr. Carbone.  You will sit down with Mr. Carbone to discuss Band Fees and the Band Trip.  Band Fees are as follows: $200 if paid by Registration Day.  $250 if paid after Registration Day.  If paid after Registration Day, payments are paid in 3 installments – $100, $100, and $50.  You will also indicate whether or not you will be attending the December Band Trip to Florida.  Cost will be between $1100-$1200 depending on the number of participants.  Trip deposit of $100 will be DUE at registration day.  No further trip payments will be accepted until after all Band Fees are paid.
  4. Snap-Raise! Fundraiser – List of 20 emails.  Every student is required to provide a list of 20 emails of family, friends, neighbors, anyone from anywhere in the world that would be likely to consider supporting your student and the May River HS Band.  We are kicking this fundraiser off the first week of Full Band Camp.  More information will be provided that week leading up to registration.  In the meantime, feel free to visit this example program – Tigers Baseball
  5. Instrument and Equipment Rental – if you are using a school-owned instrument, you must make sure that an instrument rental contract is completed.  Be advised that a district issued instrument rental fee is likely.  Up to $75 per semester (TBD).
  6. Band Boosters / Fair Share Covenant.  You will sit down with a band booster board member or representative to discuss Band Fair Share, and the Band Parent / Booster covenant.

In order to be the most efficient with your time allotment, we ask that all paperwork be filled out prior to you arriving, and that Band Fees be paid via the online payment system – School Online Payment System . (As of this update, the Band Fees and Trip Fees have not been updated on the school online payment system.  We expect this to be remedied by the week of registration, the week of 7/23).

The band boosters are also organizing a “blitz-day” for our upcoming Annual Car Wash on the same day.  So, make sure that you are signing up for the blitz-day at a time that does not conflict with your registration day time:

Seniors 9-9:35am

Juniors (last name A-L) 9:35-10:05

Juniors (last name M-Z) 10:05-10:40

Sophomores (last name A-D) 10:40-11:20pm

Sophomores (last name E-H) 11:20-11:50pm

Sophomores (last name I-Ma) 11:50-12:20pm

Sophomores (last name Mo-Z) 12:20-12:50pm

Freshman and Eighth Grade (last name A-B) 1-1:30pm

Freshman and Eighth Grade (last name C) 1:30-2pm

Freshman and Eighth Grade (last name D-F) 2-2:30pm

Freshman and Eighth Grade (last name G-J) 2:30-3pm

Freshman and Eighth Grade (last name K-L) 3-3:30pm

Freshman and Eighth Grade (last name M-Mc) 3:30-4pm

Freshman and Eighth Grade (last name Me-O) 4-4:30pm

Freshman and Eighth Grade (last name P-Z) 4:30-5pm

That is all for now.  Expect more informant this week with the Registration Day packet (by 7/18), which will include all mandatory forms to be returned, as well as band fee information, etc.

Have a fantastic weekend!



Summer Marching Band Survival Guide 2018

The Summer Marching Band Camp Survival Guide 2018

The Summer Marching Band Camp (SMBC) is a necessity for all marching band programs to achieve success. However, arriving unprepared certainly would make your experience less rewarding!  ! Hopefully this information will help you arrive prepared, and more importantly, survive with a smile!

Band Camp Checklist

Please ensure you have the following items:

Mandatory Items

T-shirt, white with marching number on both sides, will be used for all outside drill rehearsals (Please have by 7/30)

Shorts (no blue jeans)

Socks and comfortable sneakers (no sandals)


Sunscreen (30 or above)

Your instrument (yes, students have actually forgotten their instruments)

Pencils/ highlighter (sharpened with erasers)

Water jug/cooler with name on it (should be at least a 1 gallon jug)

Flip folders for wind players (available from May River Band Boosters)

Reed players should have three playable reeds (3-Reed Rule)

Brass players will be required to have BERP (will be made available through May River Bands by 7/28)

Optional Items you will want to have at home, or at camp with you:

Gold Bond Powder or Powder with cornstarch (for rash that often accompanies athletic activity)

Mole Skin (for blisters, esp. percussion)

Bug spray (optional – but a lifesaver if they are biting)

Chap stick (optional)  Brass we suggest DCT, or Carmex

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and other electronic devices must be kept in cars or with personal gear. At no time

should students have them on their person during rehearsal/sectional times.  The only exception would be leadership for attendance taking purposes.  (Besides, there is no cell phone signal anywhere in the building).


You must stay hydrated, you will sweat a lot during SMBC, and it’s hot on the pavement and on the field. NO CAFFEINE or carbonated beverages with caffeine, avoid sugar-loaded drinks (Kool-aid or juice) – it dehydrates you. Water and Gatorade are best; other sports drinks are ok in addition to water! Did I mention Water? You must bring a water jug/cooler. You should clean your water jug each day.

Clothing and Shoes:

Be comfortable, it will be hot, wear shorts; suggest no cargo shorts, and denim shorts are not recommended, no long pants (cargo shorts/long pants become very heavy and hot); No short shorts (if you wonder if your shorts are too short, then they probably are). T-Shirts – white with marching number for outside drill, for inside rehearsal time should be light colored, tank tops and sleeveless shirts are ok, sports top ok for girls, no string bikini tops, no halters, no

bare midriff; boys should wear shirts at all times; comfy shoes are a must, no flip-flops or sandals. No skater shoes; bring two (2) pairs of sneakers in case it rains and one pair gets wet.


Sunburn is a given during SMBC, even if you never wear sunscreen, you will need

at SMBC. You should use 30 or above sunscreen.


It will keep the sun out of your eyes and protects the top of your head from the sun. It will also protect brass players’ chops from getting burned.

Chap stick:

Only if you think you need it – may be helpful for brass players (suggest DCT or Carmex). Be sure to get chap stick with sunscreen. Camphophenique recommended for inside blister problems.

Personal Hygiene:

It is important to change between Two-a-day rehearsals and return to sectional time (indoor rehearsals) with clean dry shirt.  White shirts are not required for indoor music sectionals.  And, please wear deodorant!


Please eat a healthy meal; contrary to what you think, food on your stomach will not sit like a lump while you are marching. You must have something for breakfast each morning prior to coming to band camp. Your body needs fuel to perform at the level necessary for Summer Band. Avoid all caffeine, greasy foods, and carbonated drinks with caffeine, excessive candy or sweets, and dairy foods.  Eat a banana every day as a good source of potassium. Did we mention to drink plenty of water?

Lunch Between Rehearsals

Lunch will be approximately 30 minutes.  No students are permitted to leave campus during lunch this year.  Please pack your lunch each day.

Tips for Success:

• Expect to work and work really hard. Expect a suntan or sunburn, with tan lines from your t-shirt and

socks, Expect to be sore and tired. Expect to learn, work hard, and maintain a positive attitude. Expect the

unexpected, just ask some of the returning band members to tell their “band camp” stories. There is nothing

to fear about the SMBC experience, after it is over, you will look forward to returning next year. The staff and

leadership team work hard to provide a nurturing environment for the members of the marching band. We

look forward to a good camp, and a lot of teamwork and fun.

• Show up. SMBC is mandatory; you will need to arrange family vacations, doctor’s visits, jobs, senior

pictures, and family time at a time other than during Summer Band. You must attend ALL rehearsals with no

interruptions. The time spent at SMBC is like 10 weeks of regular rehearsals. We will learn our music and get

much of our drill on the field. If one person is missing, the entire band needs to review what was missed when

you come back; it slows everyone down. Although there may be conflicts with summer school, all other

conflicts should be resolved prior to Camp.

• Be on Time. If you are early, you are on time, if you are on time you are LATE. You are responsible for being

on time. You take full responsibility. The exception for band camp at the high school is if you email the band director

room BEFORE you are supposed to arrive and explain the trouble.

  • Behave. You are a young adult. The staff and leadership are there for your benefit. If you work really hard they will take note – as well as the other members around you. Behaving also tends to get things done a lot more quickly. The biggest and most frequent infraction is talking during rehearsal. Although there will be plenty of time to talk and be social, during the rehearsal is not the most opportune time for such behavior.

• Keep cool. Physically and mentally, first make sure you are not overheating (water, water, water) but also

keep a calm mind. So you can’t hit the line the first time you try it? Keep trying and listen graciously to advice

and you WILL eventually get it. We are here to help and work together for the same goals.

• Be Flexible. During most of the camp, we will stay on schedule but there are other groups at May River High

during the same time. We will need to stay in the Fine Arts Wing when inside, at no time can students wander

to other parts of the building. We may have to make minor changes due to weather conditions.

Announcements will be made during the morning exercise,before being dismissed, and at evening activities.

• Respect. Respect the director, staff, leadership, your peers, squad leaders, section leaders/officers and

parents that are helping. The Summer Marching Band Camp is really hard work, but you will find that working

hard and then seeing the results of that hard work is something to be really proud of. Remember, excellence

is not just for sometime, excellence is for all the time. We perform the way we rehearse.

Remember, you get out of band what you put in.  If you are prepared, rehearsals are a lot more fun.  If you work hard, the rewards are great!  Have a rewarding Band Camp!!!!!!!!

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