CPA Week!

Greetings Band Families!

This week is CPA week!

On Thursday, March 22nd, the May River HS Wind Ensemble will perform at West Ashley HS at 2:30pm for Concert Performance Assessment (CPA), and Sightreading assessment.  This is the annual state band “standardized test” for concert bands.  Bands are assigned a rating of I to V, with “I” being the highest rating a band can attain from a single judge.  The best overall ratings a band can receive are straight “I”s.  The band will perform for 3 stage adjudicators and 2 sightreading adjudicators.  In sightreading, the band must perform a work it has never seen before, after a very brief review period.

Last year, the May River Wind Ensemble received straight “III”s on stage, and “I”s in sightreading at a difficulty level of III.  This year the band hopes to improve upon those ratings, while performing a level higher difficulty – level IV.

We encourage anyone who can attend to come up to West Ashley HS and support the band as it’s audience.  It is not uncommon for a band to perform for 3 judges, and only 3 judges.  It is quite a lonely thing.  We hope we have an audience to help absorb the sound and to applaud for us!

After the band is finished with it’s performance assessment, we will stay and listen to one band’s performance and then return to May River HS at approximately 6pm.

Students must arrive to school earlier than usual on Thursday and be ready to play on stage at 8:30am.  The band will depart on charter bus at 9:30am.  We will eat lunch at a location just east of West Ashley that has multiple food options before we arrive for CPA.

Gentlemen – arrive Thursday AM in concert black attire, minus jacket (on a hangar), and solid black bowtie (in jacket pocket).

Ladies – arrive Thursday AM in clothes appropriate to travel, and for a quick change in to concert gowns (gowns on hangar, don’t forget costume pearls).  Prefer that ladies hair be pulled back off neck.

All student either bring money for lunch, or pack lunch.  Students can bring snacks and drinks, but only if drinks have a cap.  No open drinks will be permitted on bus.  Must be sealed.

CPA location –

West Ashley High School

4060 W Wildcat Blvd, Charleston, SC 29414

See you there!!!!






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