Friday’s Plan

Here is the plan for Friday.  The band WILL NOT perform it’s competitive show at the away football game at Bluffton.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  Instead will do the following:

3:45pm  Report to Band Hall after school / Get dressed into uniform w/ shoes and socks and gloves

4:00pm  Uniform inspection in sections

4;15pm  Head to practice field in uniform with shakos, water and instrument

4:20pm  Stretch / Visual warm-up

4:45pm Music re-warm

5:00pm Segments

5:20pm  Runthrough in uniform

5:30pm  Dismiss / Get dressed back into summer uniform / Eat pizza

6:15pm  Departure meeting in auditorium

6:40pm  Depart for game

10:30pm  Game ends

10:45pm  Depart for May River HS

11:05pm  Unload / Dismissal meeting

11:15pm  Dismissed



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